OpenArena 0.7.6

April 23rd, 2008 by Crusader

A new version of OpenArena is out:

  • New player models : Assassin and Space Marine.
  • New player skin : Angelyss/Neko and Grism/Indigo.
  • Ayumi/Neko, Angelyss/Sly have been atticed due to quality reasons.
  • Text font (bigchars.tga) used by console and hud messages now doesn’t bleed anymore.
  • Special characters added for text font (bigchars.tga) used by some mods.
  • Lots of maps and changed maps; at least 8 new significant maps, includes the reworked oa_dm3 and oa_dm5.
  • oa_ctf2 is more balanced, slightly retextured.
  • Elimination and CTF elimination game types. No one respawns until the round is over.
  • Double domination game type. Two teams must control two points on the map for 10 seconds to score.
  • Last Man Standing game type. The name of the game is self-explanatory.
  • Instant Gib option, gives everyone only a railgun that does kills instantly.
  • All Rockets option, makes everyone only have a rocket launcher.
  • Alt-tab working.
  • Unlagged tracehits option, provides a more responsive feel for railguns, machineguns and shotguns.
  • Classic Grism aren’t teamskins anymore. This means the ‘white’ skin will not show up during team games. In addition, the skins can be used for FFA again.
  • Completely in SDL.

OpenArena is an open source first-person shooter which utilizes the ioquake3 source port of id Tech 3, effectively replacing the original Quake III: Arena’s copyrighted assets.

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    Quake3 VGA render path…

    That(tm) Would(tm) Be(tm) Great(tm) If(tm) Quake3(tm) Had(tm) A(tm) VGA(tm) Render(tm) Path(tm). With(tm) The(tm) Skill(tm) At(tm), How(tm) It(tm) Didn’t(tm) Manifest(tm) From(tm) The(tm) Minds(tm) Of(tm) Those(tm) Developers(tm) Is(tm) A(tm) Mystery(tm).

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