No Linux UT3 Update

April 23rd, 2008 by Svartalf

A reader pointed out an article at Phoronix discussing the continued unexplained absence of the Unreal Tournament 3 Linux port, which points out that Epic Games is dissuading inquiries or forum discussion on the topic:

Lastly, this administrator then locked this Linux thread to prevent any further communication, even though that FAQ thread didn’t answer my original question of providing an updated status.

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  1. Svartalf_ Says:

    Heh… It’s a might bit worse than no updates… They’re actively deleting or closing ANY thread that inquires about the current status of UT3 for Linux right at the moment. Ryan’s not saying anything, either. I’m suspecting they’re bound by NDA and one of the requirements was the release status of the game for Linux was one of the non-disclosable things.

  2. octico Says:

    That’s CRAP I bought this game just because it was stated that it would be ported to Linux ! BS!!!

  3. cocidius Says:

    I’ve long since given up caring about this. etqw FTW! Seriously, Epic really screwed the pooch on this one.

  4. Svartalf_ Says:

    Well, guys, if you don’t like this- you need to make sure the news gets around. Don’t badger them. Don’t throw hissies and say you’re not buying. Don’t be too upset that you bought on their promises- though I’d be very torqued off at this point myself. What we need is calm, rational commentary on how Epic doesn’t seem to be one to keep it’s promises these days- and find out the WHY if at all possible for this stupidity. I’ve got my own ideas (as I suspect you all do too…)- but I’m keeping them to myself as I don’t think it’s all appropriate for conspiracy theories.

  5. Lightkey Says:

    icculus already said it is some middleware provider that blocks the release (as written in a news here before), just go and search for it yourself in the executable with strings.

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