Java Classic RPG 2008-04-16

April 18th, 2008 by Crusader

Another snapshot release from the Java Classic RPG project was announced at the project’s blog:

New animals as bear and spider were added. Humanoid groups were introduced with the humans and their basic economy. Basic populations and houses added for human groups. New sounds for animals and humans along with environmental effects depending on nearby beings and climate. Party Behavior and Pre-encounter input screens were introduced. On screen display extended with the ‘Entity-O-Meter’ which shows nearby groups’ icons. New portraits and models by Archenemy.

The update also mentions that they’re looking for 3d model animators.

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  1. timong Says:

    Hello! Thanks again for posting news about jcrpg! Yes, the project is looking for animators for different animal models like bear or spider (challanging 8 legs! :-) ). Check the blog and the forum if interested.

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