Savage 2 v1.4.4

April 11th, 2008 by Crusader

S2 Games has release the version 1.4.3 patch for Savage 2: A Tortured Soul, their newly-released mixed-genre fantasy-themed multiplayer game; changes include:

  • Spawn portal experience value on kill from 50 to 150
  • Max health for spawn portals from 300 to 1200
  • Cooldown time on portals from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Spawn portals can now be used multiple times
  • Fixed some issues with pathing
  • Fixed some server and client crashes
  • Interrupt will no longer damage gadgets or structures
  • Siege no longer recieves a camera kick when being attacked
  • Fixed some PNG format clan icons not loading properly
  • Fixed issues with white unit portraits, messed up health bars and units named “NAME”
  • Fixed all known issues caused by hosting a local server and then connecting to an online server
  • Fixed issues with Revenant and Devourer strong attack, they have now been re-enabled
  • Promotional codes can now be entered during in-game account creation
  • Map rotation system has been changed, it now plays maps in a linear order, the “weight” has been changed to a percent chance a map will be played

The game client will update itself to this latest build.

edit: Version 1.4.4 is now out to fix a game exploit. Thanks to the readers who pointed this out.

Download: [ AtomicGamer – 32bit, 64bit | ]

2 Responses to “Savage 2 v1.4.4”

  1. esbenmosehansen Says:

    And version 1.4.4 came out the next day, citing a major exploit. Anyone know what that was?

  2. vadi Says:

    The changelog is right on their website, btw:

    “VERSION 1.4.4
    – Fix a major exploit with ammo depot/mana fountain”

    I don’t know what was it myself though.

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