Whatcha Been Playin?

April 5th, 2008 by Crusader


My list:

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  1. hylk0r Says:

    To be honest, I don’t play games on Linux.
    I actually have a 10 gig Windows partition only for Counter-Strike: Source(I really don’t play any other games). All the other things I do on my ubuntu partition.

  2. TTimo Says:

    Urban Terror as usual .. a bit of Savage2 (that’s pretty impressive stuff) and tried out Beyond the Red Line .. it’s great but of course it’s screaming for a takedown because of IP infringement

  3. Ferocious Says:

    Savage 2, Tactical Ops: Crossfire.

  4. dorpsgek Says:

    UT1999 CTF, low grav, sniper arena as standard, sometimes other………..

  5. Nemoder Says:

    Savage2, MTP-Target, and the windows-only game Sins of a Solar Empire (it works mostly in wine but it’s slow so I run it on my older windows machine via synergy2.. that’s almost Linux related right?) :/

  6. M1AU Says:

    I’m currently playing:

    Savage 2

  7. mercy Says:

    DOD:Source (in wine)
    Urban Terror
    Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (in wine)
    Anno 1503 (in wine)
    Vendetta online

  8. slightcrazed Says:

    Just re-finished Jedi Outcast (wine)
    Just re-started Deus Ex (wine)
    Also playing phun (not really a game, but worth a play none the less) and Gish. Good times.

  9. Trizt Says:

    Play? Gosh, I wish I had time for that.

  10. Thunor Says:

    Like slightcrazed above I’ve started through Deus Ex via Wine again as I never completed it before. I found a great visual-walkthrough site which I’m using to find all the secret areas :)

    Garden of Coloured Lights on my GP2X; the source is available (not GPL)

    Also on my GP2X Boulder Dash EX for the GBA via GPSP.

  11. mat Says:

    teeworlds and sauerbraten. I really like fast-in, fast-out games, especially if they are multiplayer-online. these two are the finest in that category, that I found so far.

  12. Slacker Says:

    For online gaming, I play Dark Horizons: Lore Invasion. My current solo game I’m at now is Spandex Force. After I solve that game, I still have 21 other games to solve… yes, I buy too much. :) I’d like to try Savage 2, but my system is well below the memory requirements.

  13. Lightkey Says:

    Just Mines from GNOME Games and GTetrinet for some game inbetween. Otherwise currently playing through WarCraft II with Stratagus/WarGus and playing an adventure with ScummVM from time to time.

  14. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    Vendetta Online(trial)

    My comp is too crappy to ET:QW or Savage 2. Someday

  15. Crusader Says:

    For you Vendetta Online players, how is it these days? I haven’t had a chance to play it in a long while…

  16. kult Says:

    many things depending of my state of mind

    * Non-Free Software Games :
    – Serious Sam First & Secound Encouter (Serious Sam II was barelly playable last time I’ve check)
    – Starcraft/broadwar (Wine)
    – UT99/2004

    * Free Software Games :
    – Descent 1 & 2 (ok the data are not free but I’m using them from my retail copy)
    – Lincity-NG
    – Open Arena
    – Ri-li
    – Tremulous
    – Warzone2100
    – Xpilot

    Playing is the best thing I’ve found to clear my head after work.

  17. Fooka Says:

    just a few things!

    – Orange Box games (in wine)
    — Team Fortress 2 mostly
    — Portal
    — HL2
    – Wesnoth
    – Freeciv
    – Savage2 (Well the demo anyway, haven’t comitted yet)
    – X2
    – X3 (the beta, thanks LGP!)
    – ETQW!!!
    – Warzone2100 (What a fun game)
    – Beyond the Red Line (well it’s a fun demo)
    – Second Life.. (is that a game tho?)

    aaaand that’s about all i have time for atm.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Howdy folks.

    I’ve been in jail while not here on Linuxgames. Over there I played Kick-The-*can alot. Ever since getting back, I’ve been playing non-stop Linux-sustainted entertainment:

    Battle For Wesnoth,
    Darklands (in DOSbox yep),
    Windows Vista (Stephen Hawkins: un-charged heavy-ass wheelchair Edition)

    The Alpha Troll

    PS: It’s great to be back! USA is #1, US is #2, America is #0 to the *0ats3 fo’ schizzle muh nizzle.

  19. sparr Says:

    other stuff

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