Tux Droid

March 14th, 2008 by Crusader

While not, strictly speaking, a game, this is an entertainment product: Ars Technica has reviewed the Tux Droid, a desktop Linux PC-controlled robot in the guise of Tux:

It can flap its wings, turn around in circles, blink, detect light levels, record audio, and even speak. The Tux Droid also comes with an IR remote that can be used to make it do your bidding… until the grim day when it achieves complete autonomy and throws off the shackles of human subjugation, conspiring with the devious Roomba collective in an insidious plot to overthrow humanity.

The review goes on to discuss the control software and concludes that the droid is kinda frivolous:

If you want a programmable assistant that will improve your productivity, then Tux is not the droid you are looking for. But if you want a programmable toy that will add some character to your cubicle and brighten your day, Tux might be right for you. Users who aren’t interested in developing their own software (or learning how to develop their own software) will probably find the Tux Droid a lot less appealing.

If you are interested, there’s also a community portal with development resources.

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