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March 13th, 2008 by Crusader

Hanno Böck has posted about his experiences with 3D support in nouveau, the reverse engineered open source NVIDIA graphics driver project:

nouveau, the project for creating a free 3D linux driver for nvidia cards, recently got first support for real 3D applications with gallium on some NV4X cards (see Nouveau Companion 36). Today I got it working on a friends machine.

Here you can see an openarena benchmark (also uploaded on youtube). It got 55 fps, which is far away from the nvidia binary driver yet (178 fps), but at least more than my r200 setup (32 fps).

It’s really impressive, but keep in mind this is still in early and heavy development, and not considered ready for general use.

Meanwhile, is a site petitioning NVIDIA to follow AMD’s lead and open source a 3D driver of their own:

While we are grateful that your company provides one of the best closed-source graphics drivers for Linux, it is not without its problems and prevents many users from having a truly free software platform. You have shown an open-source passion in the past when dropping the nforce-net binary blob in favor of the community-spawned forcedeth driver for Ethernet support on your motherboard chipsets.

Interested parties can also sign the petition themselves (as of this writing, there are 7894 signatures). Furthermore, there’s contact information and a sample letter for writing NVIDIA’s various customers about open support (thanks Phoronix).

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