Graphics Programmer Q&As

March 13th, 2008 by Crusader

Thanks to ashridah for pointing out PC Perspective conducted a highly technical interview recently with id Software’s lead programmer John Carmack to discuss future graphics and PC gaming technology; in particular, ray tracing:

But, I do think that there is a very strong possibility as we move towards next generation technologies for a ray tracing architecture that uses a specific data structure; rather than just taking triangles like everybody uses and tracing rays against them and being really, really expensive.  There is a specific format I have done some research on that I am starting to ramp back up on for some proof of concept work for next generation technologies.

Also, during an interview with TG Daily, Epic Game’s CEO and lead programmer Tim Sweeney postulates that graphics processors will eventually become so much like CPUs that…

…you are going to get the GPU’s computational functionality to a point where you can – not that this is useful, but it will be a very important experiment – recompile the kernel for a GPU and actually run the Linux kernel off the GPU – running entirely by itself. Then, the boundary between the CPU and the GPU will become just a matter of performance trade-offs.

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