More Linux Gamers?

March 11th, 2008 by Crusader

Mad Penguin has posted an essay wondering why more Linux desktop users don’t play games, and offers a few suggestions to improve their perception of the situation, although the latest product of one company they mention, GarageGames, doesn’t support Linux (yet?).

I’m not sure there’s really a problem with people who are already Linux users not playing games: we’re a niche market, and always have been, and I think whatever commercial-level titles the industry can spare are what we’ll be getting for the forseeable future.

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  1. jsheedy Says:

    The problem with Linux gamers, are linux users. Or to better put it the Linux Zealots. A lot of the people that started with linux, programmed it, used it, and such don’t want linux games. They feel if you want to game, buy windows. Linux should only be open everything, no commercialization at all. It is funny, it is that type of closed minding thinking that they hate Microsoft for, but for them it is ok. W/E, I think I might just go MAC instead.

  2. Trizt Says:

    I wouldn’t agree on that, but yes the first wave of Linux users where the coders of Linux, who had another interest than games, namely programming. Today we are into the fourth wave of users, people who aren’t interested of editing config files, nor compile their own programs, they just want to be able to use it. This fourth wavers wants games, they play games, but have to use dual boot or WINE (cedega/crossover) and they don’t make as much noise as third and second wave users who wants to play games, so the game developers don’t think the Linux market is big enough and therefore won’t spend time in porting anything to Linux and as long they don’t there won’t be a Linux gamer (fifth wave) generation, at the same time the developers bite their own tail as they do everything DirectX instead of using an open standard (not the same as opensource), which would have made it a lot easier to support Linux, Mac OSX and Microsoft.

  3. Svartalf_ Says:

    jsheedy: Please speak solely in terms of your not so humble opinion. Actually quite a very small minority of the Linux user crowd don’t want Linux games. And you just said this to someone who actually did start with Linux, programmed it, used it, and DOES want Linux games- why ELSE would I go and do porting work for Linux Game Publishing, if I didn’t want games.

    The main reasons is that they don’t know what the real numbers are, believe the ones MS spouts all the time, listen to people like YOU babble on and on like you’re doing in this forum, and do things that’re expedient- namely using DirectX because it costs so little compared to the other alternatives and scores the 60-80% mark (or so they think) on what they really need to support.

  4. chunky Says:

    [rant about GarageGames]
    The reason I started using torque, years ago now, was its unrivalled cross-platformness. The article itself begins with a woeful paragraph ending “Enter GarageGames”.

    Oh, how things change:

    1) Torque Game Engine, the original ideal of commercial cross platform code for games, now doesn’t officially support Linux. The most recent release [1.5.2] was the first to compile on linux out of the box since early 1.3 versions, totally handled by community only. The kicker being that they’d never even commit patches the community [myself included] posted, even when those patches influenced nothing except the linux platform.

    2) Torque Game Builder ran on Linux originally. They’ve dropped the Linux port and called it “community supported” on Linux. In fact, due to a bunch of pathologically platform-dependant decisions, it’s borderline impossible to make it work on linux.

    3) Torque Game Engine Advanced, the original promise was to have linux & mac versions out with the first major release – GG haven’t even bothered with any graphics except directx, and have said they never will.

    4) Torque2 – the new engine they’re building. Again, they say they’d like to do linux and mac support, but have also said that they won’t be getting those out in the first version

    5) – ostensibly platform independant, but there’s no mac or linux versions of the browser plugins yet, let alone any games you might want to play

    Blah. There was a time when I championed GarageGames as a paragon of cross platform, especially linux, support. They’ve gone from two out of two to officially zero out of five.

    I never managed to get a real game written with Torque. Nowadays I’m using Ogre, and my development is actually progressing, and working on linux and mac as well as windows without a second thought.

    Gary (-;

  5. jsheedy Says:

    Svartalf: So now having an opinion means to spout off (from your response it is obvious your tone is negative). I have also been using linux since redhat 4.2 the early, and days I have bought many linux games over the years, first with LOKI, ID, and even games from LGP. I think the point I stated is still valid. I guess the question I ask you is this, if there are so many people using linux around the world (which I believe there are a lot), why are the game sales of even top tier games so low? Were the ports of Quake 3, Tribes 2, Heavy Metal, Doom 3, Rune, Savage done sore poorly that they hurt sales? Was the amount of linux users just too small then, or was it the delayed release time of some of these titles. Do you think WineX the blame? My “opinion”, is that zealots who complain about things like closed source GPU drivers hurt linux gaming. Really unless you consider yourself a Linux zealot, I guess I was not talking about you.

    Last, and when I talked about moving to MAC, it was purely in the gaming sense. I have no reason to not use my gentoo, and ubuntu systems. I guess I need to make sure I am clear so no one else jumps off the porch with verbal fists-a-blazing.


  6. ThoreauHD Says:

    I stopped talking about this years ago. I vote with my wallet. If a game supports linux, I own it. Otherwise, nothing. And I steer all my enemies looking for windows games to piratebay for peer to peer lameness. I have no sympathy for windows users or programmers anymore. Fk’em all.

  7. vadi Says:

    GarageGames does support Linux. Their latest gaming platform though, InstantAction, doesn’t yet – but that’s because it’s just a platform. They said while they will expand their API to use OpenGL and also be Linux-friendly, it’s still up to the game devs to make the games work on Linux.

    And, I vote with my wallet too. My new laptop – with an 8600GT, is busy slaving away rendering frames without Windows or Wine installed :)

  8. chunky Says:

    [quote]GarageGames does support Linux[/quote]

    Actions speak louder than words. Which part of what I said earlier was incorrect?

    I’ve spent more than four years watching GG kill off the linux side of their house. Among other things I have full source [but indie] licenses to TGE, TGB, TGEA, and I’ve kept pretty good track of what I’ve paid for. I think TGEA was the biggest kicker – I purchased an EA license long ago on the basis of the promise to support linux & mac out of the box and thereby save myself a bunch of cash [they always said the price would go up once it left EA status]. Promises that were absolutely not kept.

    Gary (-;

    PS Seriously, switch to Ogre. Currently I’m using Ogre, Raknet, Lua, Bullet, and a few other bits & pieces and development has been easier and faster than it ever was with torque.

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