March 11th, 2008 by Crusader

Version 1.12.55 of D2X-XL, a port of the Descent 2 sourcecode that adds OpenGL support, has been released (thanks Linux Game Tome):

  • Gatling speed up setting will now be exchanged between participants of a multiplayer game.
  • Player names are better visible now in multiplayer games.
  • The “player wants to join” message is better visible now for the game host.
  • You couldn’t turn the textured automap off if the radar was disabled.
  • Changed: Robots don’t use the custom Gauss and Vulcan sounds anymore.

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  1. dabeowulf Says:

    The newest build seems to be 1.12.56, anyway when I tried to compile it it turned out that it’s missing files in the 2d directory. :|

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