Fitzquake SDL

March 9th, 2008 by Crusader

PlanetQuake pointed out Fitzquake SDL, a Simple DirectMedia Layer port of the Windows-only Quake client Fitzquake. The project is still in beta, so be sure to give the README a look. Here’s the aim of Fitzquake itself:

My primary focus is fixing a lot of the rendering bugs which made glquake inferior to the software renderer. My secondary focus is adding conveniences for mappers and general users. I am also slowly adding support for new modding or mapping features such as skyboxes, fog, and colored light.

Download: [ ]

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  1. clump Says:

    No offense to Fitzquake, but is it simply a glquake port? There isn’t much information on either site. I’ve come to love Darkplaces for my Quake needs.

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