Enemy Territory: Quake Wars 1.5 Beta

March 6th, 2008 by Crusader

A beta build for version 1.5 of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars has been released by id Software and Splash Damage:

The 1.5 BETA is restricted to Unranked servers, so you will be able to run your own or play on one of the servers provided by our GSP partners. Please note that participation in this beta is completely voluntary and that the 1.5 BETA is not backwards-compatible with ETQW 1.4. In other words, once you’ve installed the 1.5 BETA, you will not be able to play on ETQW 1.4 servers unless you have a second game install. If you don’t feel like testing, you can just skip this release and wait for the final version – 1.4 servers will continue to work normally until then.

The changelog can be found here; it’s also been requested that you post bug reports in the new 1.5 beta issues forum.

Download: [ ]

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