PyChess Philidor 0.8

February 23rd, 2008 by lobais

Version 0.8 (”Philidor” – releases are named after great historical chess masters) of PyChess, a Python-based chess client, has been released:

  • Online chess play on the FICS servers.
  • Ability to undo and pause chess games.
  • Support for UCI engines like Fruit, Glaurung and Shredder.

Thanks to lobias for the heads up, who has also been of excellent assistance in trying to squash a bug I’ve run into while trying to play. He also included this note:

The development of PyChess Stauton 1.0 has just begun. We strive to make
this the greatest free chess client out there, so if you have opinions,
don’t let them go unheard on the mailing list!

If you would like help fix the translation of PyChess in your language,
see to get

Instructions for adding additional chess engines can be found in the project FAQ.

PyChess 0.8

Screenshots: [ View ] Download: [ ]

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