TPE (TerminusPoint Edition) patch for Terminus Available

October 3rd, 2001 by Crusader

Steven Wilcoxon sent in the following:

TerminusPoint with permissionfrom VVisions has released a patchedand upgraded version of Terminus called TPE for use of licensed ownersof Terminus. TPE is a product of TerminusPoint, not VVisions. Fixes andextensions will continue to go in. Currently versions for Windows and Linuxare available.

Currently the changes are biased heavily to bug fixes & Server side changes.Bandwidth has been reduced so that modem play doesn’t lag as much as before.

Terminus is a space combat RPG/sim with military campaign and mercenary commerceelements; you can download the demo from TerminusPointhere.

TerminusPoint Edition 0.0.3 (README) Patch:

Terminus Demo and Patch Mirror

June 9th, 2001 by michael

Steve Wilcoxon wrote in to note that TerminusPoint has mirrored the demo and patches for Terminus which had formerly been hosted at the now defunct MaximumLinux.

The demo and patches can now be found at this mirror:

Terminus Standings Board

June 7th, 2001 by Alkini

Learner wrote in with the followingannouncement regarding a standings board for space sim Terminus:

TerminusPoint continues toimprove our support of the Space RPG game Terminus by adding standingsboards for the Top 10 pilots based on Kills, Cash, and Reputation. We’vealso added an Overall Top 20 Pilots listing based on each pilotslocation in the individual boards.

The goal of these listings is to provide additional competition forplayers who may not be able to play when others are around. So far, wehave noticed a marked increase in both Trading and Killing by peoplewanting to move up.

We are working on additional enhancements (web and game based) tofurther improve the game.

Terminus Protocol Manager

February 18th, 2001 by Crusader

Steven Wilcoxon sent in the following announcement:

TPM (Terminus Protocol Mangler) for Linux has been released for Beta for registeredusers (free registration).

TPM helps Terminus players onlow bandwidth connections (such as modems or people sharing cable) by throwingaway about 1/2 of the data-stream without affecting play. This reduces thebandwidth used from 30kbps-60kpbs down to 15kbps-30kbps range. Terminus networkplay has been limited in the past to people with high speed connections, thisshould help the other players get online A nice side affect is that totalbandwidth usage for servers drops as well, so a Server can handle more playersif it has the CPU power.

The method being used has been forwarded to VVisions in hopes that it (or somethingsimilar) can be integrated in to remove the slight lag of an externalapplication being used, The original game should be able to integrate the changewithout adding any extra processing.

TPM does require that it be run near both the Client and Server. A Client usingTPM can not connect through TPM to a none TPM Server. A TPM Server though canlisted for TPM & non-TPM connections.

Porting will begin shortly to extend it to Windows users and we will startlooking for someone to port it to the Mac as well.

Terminus Enhancements

January 5th, 2001 by Crusader

Risto Varanka wrote in to point out a forumpostingfrom Vicarious Visions’ Bret Dunham regarding new features for the space-sim Terminus:

Greeting all…i spoke with Dave…I “may” be able to work on a freemode mod. This would be a radical change from what every one is udsed too..if you have any ideas,,wants,,

please feel free to eamil them to me..most will not happen,,,but some will..

And this followup:

ok folks…putting the word out… While there may not be ny scripting tools released there may be an alternative..

I’m looking into rewriting free mode… whew.

Please email any suggestions you have to me as i’ll need all the help i can get..

Risto also states:

There has also for some time existed a Perl tool, developed by aTerminus player, which can be used for limited manipulation of theTerminus server. This might make player-written mods possible.For details see the Forum or


December 6th, 2000 by Crusader

Learner wrote in regarding his efforts to forge a player community for Vicarious Visions’ space sim/RPG Terminus:

We have a dedicated 24×7 Terminus server running at TerminusPoint.comsupported by user donations. The home page for the server is at and the primary game server is

Among features at this site is we are in the process of supportingTeams/Clans, trying to build a Pilot community to enhance the RPG angle,contests (a race will be held on Dec 16th with a grand prize of a PVG + cashbeing awarded), and future enhancements to come.

Note, some Pilots end up with very long routes to the Server and we hopethat the additional pipe being added to the internet will reduce this lag.

Terminus 1.81

September 27th, 2000 by Alkini

Vicarious Visions has releasedpatches to bring their their sci-fi space combat sim Terminus up to version 1.81. Changes include:

  • Fixed bug when binding aux keys to multiple gadgets of same type
  • Added self destruct timer to spy probes to prevent probe buildup
  • Prevent players without careers from entering player storage on network disconnect
  • Removed Sim2 from frame rate counter — not used

Terminus 1.81 downloads:

Terminus Review from The Linux Gurus

September 15th, 2000 by Alkini

The Linux Gurus have posted a review of the sci-fi space combat simTerminus. The review covers the game’s impressive graphics and sound, as well as the typical areas of installation, game play, training, scenarios, campaigns, and equipment available in the game – overall, a very positive review.

Terminus 1.8

September 7th, 2000 by Crusader

Vicarious Visions has releasedthe version 1.8 patches for their sci-fi simulation Terminus today; changes include:

  • Fixed a crash when saving a game in some situations.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a game after changing number of player saves in terminus.cfg
  • Several script fixes.
  • Added code to prevent AI for waiting around and doing nothing.
  • Added support for entering the port number of a server in the Join Game dialog. Simply enter the server address in ip:port format.
  • New Server Commands

Terminus 1.1 to 1.8 Patch

Terminus 1.7 to 1.8 Patch

Furthermore, Computer Games Online has posteda two-part guide (Segment One, Segment Two) to “Flying without dying” in Terminus.

Terminus 1.7

August 21st, 2000 by Alkini

Version 1.7 of Vicarious Visions’ space combat sim Terminus has been released. Changes include:

  • Fixed ship manager, ship cost calculation
  • Fixed Razor avionics bay properties
  • Prevent negative bounties from being posted
  • Fixed AI infinite loop hanging bug
  • Prevent AI from attempting to dock with corvettes
  • Fixed reload button in parts/cargo
  • Fixed save game crash with defense pods
  • Fixed PVG AI crash
  • Numerous scripting fixes
  • Valuable ore is less likely to be mined
  • Pressing an aux key gives feedback
  • Fixed a “Memory not already allocated crash”
  • Fixed UEL assault on Callisto script
  • Fixed pirate Darkheart and Eulogy script
  • Add snd_buffer_chunk config parameter (see config.txt)

Terminus 1.62b Downloads:

Terminus 1.62b

August 4th, 2000 by Crusader

Version 1.62b of Terminus has been released by Vicarious Visions; changes:

  • Valuable ore is less likely to be mined
  • Pressing an aux key gives feedback
  • Fixed a “Memory not already allocated crash”
  • Fixed UEL assault on Callisto script
  • Fixed pirate Darkheart and Eulogy script

Dave Calvin wrote into A Talent For War to state that as this patch is a beta release, users who install it will have to start from scratch (i.e. reinstall completely) to patch to the next stable version. Therefore, only grab this patch if you’re interested in testing; bug reports should be sent to

Terminus 1.62b Download:

Terminus Review

July 28th, 2000 by Crusader

Computer Games Online has theirreview of the space RPG/sim Terminus up, which begins by echoing the game’s similarities to the classic titles Elite andWing Commander: Privateer. The author then goes on to state that the limitationsimposed by the games’ two military games make them inferior to the pirate ormercenary campaigns, which offer far more flexibility. Moreover, the Newtonian flight model andmultiplayer options are also examined.

Terminus 1.6/1.61

July 26th, 2000 by Crusader

Vicarious Visions has released another patch for their 3D space sim/RPG Terminus. The rather extensive changelog is available here; furthermore, 1.6 breaks compatibility with previous builds:

Notes: Version 1.6 includes extensive changes to multiplayer Terminus. For this reason, both servers and clients need to upgrade to 1.6. Also, several mission scripting errors were corrected. Terminus will no longer allow you to load a save game where a broken script is running. If you attempt to do so you will receive the following error message: “A script in this save game was found to contain an error.”

Terminus 1.6 Download:

NOTE [ Thursday – 7/27/00 ]: The next patch, version 1.61, has now been released, only a day after 1.6 made its appearance. Changes:

  • Fixed save game loading with stored ships
  • Removed debug string on HUD
  • Fixed bug in early Mars mission

Terminus Retail to 1.61 Patch
Terminus 1.6 to 1.61 Patch

Terminus 1.5

July 17th, 2000 by Crusader

The version 1.5 patch for Vicarious Visions’ space-sim/RPG Terminus has been released; changes include:

  • Fixed ending cutscene crash in multiplayer
  • Removed unnecessary military contract window
  • Fixed crash when starting game with invalid ship
  • Fixed overwriting invalid save games
  • Fixed adding gadgets to canisters
  • Fixed cargo scooping canisters with ammo
  • NPCs no longer post strike contracts on bases
  • Fixed /target command
  • Fixed issues with damaged fuel and energy systemsin cargo bay
  • Fixed erroreous password mismatches in multiplayergames
  • Fixed round switching for in-game dedicatedservers hosting melee games
  • Automatically switches current weapon when it issold or moved
  • Removes stored ships when abandoning savedmultiplayer game
  • Added ship cost display when selling a ship
  • Displays stored ships at Asteroid Outpost inPersonal Info
  • Fixed ship scrollbar in Personal Info
  • Fixed frequency types when restoring save game
  • Fixed obscure memory leak
  • Fixed bug where ignoring players ignores one-liners
  • Fixed acknowledge page button
  • Modified comm text delay
  • Prevent empty comm messages from sending
  • Various script fixes
  • Added code to workaround future NPC ID AlreadyIn Use messages
  • Fixed duplicate ship names and NPC names
  • Fixed several spelling errors
  • Support over 2GB of memory
  • Fixed server disconnecting in multiplayer games
  • Fixed address already in use bug on servers

Terminus Retail to 1.5 Patch Download:

Vicarious Visions
3D Downloads

Terminus 1.4 to 1.5 Patch Download:

Vicarious Visions
3D Downloads

Terminus Consumer Alert

July 13th, 2000 by Crusader

JEDI fired in this warning concerningthe shipping of Vicarious Visions’ Linux space simTerminus:

I just got my copy of Terminus and it’s rather battered.

First, TuxGames insists on being skimpy on their packaging.

Add to this the fact that the Terminus box has NOTHING insideto help it structurally (like the usual brown corrugated cardboard)and the the result is somewhat inevitable.

Plus, that goofy little CD folder allows the CD’s themselves to movearound every which way. Vicarious Visions should have QA’ed their box.

….can’t comment on the game yet, still futzing around with Xfree 4.01gettingit running…

BTW, I’ve had games come from France (Hopkins FBI) and Australia (UT)less damaged.

I can vouch for the sleeve complaint… the way the CDs are constantly falling out is rather annoying :/.

More Terminus Patches

July 1st, 2000 by Crusader

A Talent For War updated to note that the version 1.4 (whichquickly followed v1.3) patches have been released for the new space simTerminus, developed byVicarious Visions. Changes (in 1.3 and 1.4):

  • Removed ability to create black ships in cosmetic detail screen
  • Restored the Ship Manager
  • Fixed disconnect while joining a multiplayer game
  • Fixed comm queue overflow when starting some games
  • Fixed one liner bug when ignoring player communications
  • Fixed comm interface update bug


Furthermore, there’s been some controversy over just which non-Linux-exclusive shipped firstwith multiple binaries in one box… although there’s been many contenders(Hopkins FBI,BFRIS,Krilo,Theocracy, and probably some I’m forgetting), I thinkit’s safe to say this is the most widely available retail game which includes Linux support with Win32/MacOS out of box. In any case… I’m of the opinion that it’s a rather silly thing to fight over, especiallyconsidering our tactical position of industry underdog. Let’s show some solidarity folks, ok?

Terminus Shipping and Patches

June 28th, 2000 by Alkini has posted a press release from Vicarious Visions stating that the epic space combat RPG Terminus is now shipping. To order the game, go to Vicarious Visions’ Online Store.

As soon as you receive your copy of Terminus, you will want to patch it right away up to version 1.2. There is also a patch for the demo to bring it up to v1.2. These patches include:

  • Added GameRanger support
  • Fixed gauntlet docking bug
  • Added force software mixing option, snd_force_softmix, to work around bad soundcards

Terminus 1.2 patches:
Retail Version: TerminusLinuxRetailPatch12.tar.gz (600 KB)
3ddownloads Mirror
Demo Version: TerminusLinuxDemoPatch12.tar.gz (500 KB)
3ddownloads Mirror

On a slightly related note, has published an article on Vicarious Visions which focuses, of course, on Terminus and Terminus’ history and development. (Thanks to Linux Today)

NOTE from Crusader: This title is something of a milestone, in that A) this is the first non-Loki-published mainstream retail Linux game B) It’s the first title to include binaries for Linux and other supported platforms all in one retail box.

Linux Terminus Demo

June 19th, 2000 by Crusader

The Linux version of Vicarious Visions’demo for Terminus,the space combat sim which will hit retail stores shortly, has been released byMaximum Linux. The demo weighs in 37.7 meg;thanks to Mike Hobbs for the heads up.

Linux Terminus Demo Mirrors:

Maximum Linux
A Talent For War
3D Downloads

Terminus Update, Demo News

June 7th, 2000 by Crusader

Michael Hobbs sent in the following update from Vicarious Visions’ Karthik Bala concerning the status of Terminus, the space combat sim which will include Linux binaries in the retail box:

Hey Everyone,

I know you all are eagerly anticipating the release of Terminus, whichwentgold on May 17th. We made all our deadlines but ran into someproduction-related problems outside our direct control and consequentlytheoriginal ship date of June 8th has slipped by a couple of weeks.

The boxed copies are scheduled to come out of production on June 22nd.I’mpersonally going down to the manufacturing facility and picking up thefirst100 copies as soon as they come off the production line. The Terminusteamwill be signing, numbering the copies and shipping them out the sameday.All other pre-order copies will ship out on June 27th, the new launchdate.The game should be in retail stores across North America that week.

To tie you over until then, I’ve got some good news: We’re almost donewiththe Terminus demo! It should be going into final QA by the end of theweek.The demo will be available for PC, Mac and Linux. I don’t have an exactrelease date yet, but we’ll be releasing it as soon as QA signs off onit.

I want to thank everyone for hanging in there. We couldn’t have finishedTerminus without your loyal support and enthusiasm! We reallyappreciateit.

Karthik Bala
Vicarious Visions

Terminus Review at LinuxWorld

May 25th, 2000 by Alkini

Lee Anderson wrote in to let us know that his second article for LinuxWorld has been published: Immersed in Terminus. The article is a review of the now-golden 3D space combat sim Terminus and it covers the game’s storyline and world, training, Gauntlet and Campaign modes, graphics, sound, installation, and system requirements.