Quake: The Offering Review

September 10th, 1999 by Alkini

A review of Quake: The Offering for Linux has been put together, but unfortunately there is precious little Linux-specific information. The author had only been using Linux for three weeks before installing The Offering so most of the review is dedicated to justifying the author’s desire to review this rather than Quake2. There is mention of the installation being simple but there were hardware configuration issues with 3d graphics card and the mouse. The review gave the pack a rating of 81% overall. Thanks goes out to LinuxToday for bringing this review to our attention. On a slightly related note, there is also an entertaining game review editorial over at LinuxToday about some new games that you may see released in the near future :)

Linux Retail Quake 1 and 2

May 13th, 1999 by Crusader

Bob Zimbinski of the Linux Game Tome updated with the news from E3 that Macmillan Software will be distributing the retail Linux ports of the id Software classics Quake 1 and Quake 2, which will have the previously released mission packs for both games bundled. Quake: The Offering will retail for $39.99 (which includes Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity) and Quake II: Colossus will retail for $49.99 (which includes The Reckoning and Ground Zero). A statement from id CEO Todd Hollenshead says:

Linux fans have been faithful supporters of id Software for a number of years. The retail appearance of Quake and Quake II for Linux brings to them the most exciting games on the planet.

The full press release can be read at the Game Tome here.