Mindrover Available from LGP

December 13th, 2002 by Alkini

And LGP wrote in with another announcement:

After mich delay, we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Mindrover: The EuropaProject and its downloadable updatefor owners of the old Loki version of Mindrover.

The downloadable update is available at a mich-reduced price.

Mindrover Beta Status

August 15th, 2002 by Alkini

LGP is wrapping up their Mindrover beta for their initial release (1.07b). The beta was relatively short because 1.07b is very similar to the latest Loki version of Mindrover with only a few changes. After this beta wraps up, LGP will ship Mindrover to resellers and continue development on version 1.08.

Mindrover 1.07b Beta Test

July 29th, 2002 by Alkini

Linux Game Publishing wrote in with the following announcement:

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for beta testers for the new release of Mindrover 1.07b.

Anyone interested in becoming a beta tester should go to and create a beta testers account. Anyone accepted will be notified by email when the test opens.

LGP to Continue Mindrover

June 10th, 2002 by Alkini

Linux Game Publishing sent in this announcement regarding an agreement with Cognitoy:

Linux Game Publishing is pleased to announce that we have signed an agreementwith Cognitoy to continue publishing Mindrover for Linux.

We will be releasing Mindrover as soon as we can complete a production run ofthe game, and we will then be providing downloadable patches to bring the gameup to the current latest release level provided by Cognitoy.

Update: In another email LGP sent us, they state that Mindrover should start shipping to resellers in the next two weeks.

Gamegrene MindRover Review

September 5th, 2001 by Crusader

gutshot has written areview ofMindRover: The Europa Project,recently ported to Linux by Loki, for Gamegrene. The review includes screenshots,an overview of gameplay, and commentary on the graphics and sound.

MindRover 1.07a; Add-ons

July 25th, 2001 by Crusader

Version 1.07a of MindRover hasbeen released by Loki Software; changes:

  • Updated for the OpenAL 1.0 API
  • Fixed a bug in the proximity radar so it detects in full 360 degrees
  • Fixed a bug in the asset directory paths
  • Fixed resolution specification when at 24 bit depth
  • Fixed the “Continue Scenario” button
  • Corrected swapped left and right in positional audio

You can patch using Loki Update; themanually-applied patch can be downloaded from:

In addition, there are two new add-ons for MindRover fromCognitoy (Arena Race and Hydro Battles)which can be downloaded via Loki Update.

Hook Recommends MindRover

July 17th, 2001 by Crusader

Brian Hook, formerly of3dfx (where he was the principle architect of Glide if I recall correctly),id Software, andVerant Interactive, whenasked about original gamesat Voodoo Extreme today, made this response:

Off the top of my head, the best example I can think of in terms of a creative, wacky and original title that doesn’t get much press is Mind Rover from CogniToy. People that have played this game just love it, but most people haven’t even heard of it:

Click the above. I mean it, go there and download the demo. It rocks.

I mean, it got a Direct Hit from Daily Radar; 89% from PC Gamer (and they’re hardcore!); Highly Recommended from GamesDomain; 5 stars from AVault; and a 92% from Game Post. In other words, it’s pretty damn cool. But it’s so different that most publishers wouldn’t even think about touching it, so CogniToy pretty much had to self publish. And I wish them the very best because they’ve been doing things the hard way — believing in a concept so fervently that they chose to pursue that at a higher risk than going the safe route and writing another shooter.

People interested in cool new games should definitely check it out.

In case you weren’t aware, MindRoverwas ported to Linux byLoki Software, and you can order your copydirectly from them or from theirresellers.

Rune Shipping Next Week; Pre-Order With Mindrover

June 14th, 2001 by TimeDoctor

Loki’s Linux port of Human Head’s Rune, the Unreal Tournament-engine based third-person melee combat game with a Viking atmosphere, will be shipping on June 20th. It will also be available in a bundle with Loki’s recently released MindRover for $44.95 US via a pre-order. Also of note: the new Rune co-op modification can be installed with the Linux version using Umodpack.

Mindrover Review

June 7th, 2001 by michael

Woody Hughes wrote in to let us know that he has posted a review of Loki‘s latest title, Mindrover, on The review covers the usual packaging, installation, configuration, and gameplay issues. Mindrover was originally developed by Kent Quirk and the other swell guys at Cognitoy.

MindRover Ships

May 24th, 2001 by Marv

Mike Phillips of Loki Software wrote in to note that MindRover is now shipping. It comes in the new DVD-style cases, and has a full manual rather than a PDF version on the CD.

MindRover Press Release

May 17th, 2001 by Crusader

Loki Software has issued apress release regarding MindRover’sshipping status:

Loki Software, Inc. announces that MindRover: The Europa Project forLinux will ship on Wednesday, May 23.

MindRover from CogniToy is the highly-acclaimed 3D strategy/programminggame that enables players to create autonomous robotic vehicles andcompete them in races, battles and sports. Starting with an emptyvehicle, gamers add components such as sensors, weapons and engines.Players wire the components together and set their properties using aninnovative visual programming system before entering the vehicles in the3D competitions. Gamers may also share their custom robots over email orthrough website competitions.

MindRover has an SRP of $29.95, and is now available for preorder fromthe new Loki webstore at A list of ourresellers is also available at

MindRover Shipping May 23rd

May 16th, 2001 by TimeDoctor

The Loki Software ordering page is now listing ashipping date of May 23rd for the Battlebots-esque strategy/puzzle game MindRover. You canorder directly from Loki, or from the resellers listed here.

MindRover Demo Available

January 21st, 2001 by Crusader

Felix pointed out that it’s possible to download a previously unannounced demo for Loki’s Linux port of MindRover (originally developed by Cognitoy) via the Loki Demo Launcher utility. The demo is around 24 megs in size; the README can be found here.

Loki Demo Launcher:
3D Downloads

MindRover review at LinuxWorld

December 29th, 2000 by TimeDoctor

Lee Anderson wrote in to tell us about his MindRover reviewover at LinuxWorld. This review covers the Loki port of the Cognitoy game with several screenshots.

TuxGames and Mindrover

October 2nd, 2000 by Crusader

Michael Simms ofTuxGames, an onlineLinux game retailer, sent in the following:

Tux Games is happy to announce the facility topreorderthe new game from Loki,Mindrover.

No official release date has yet been announced, but our estimateis that December 1st should be pretty close.

MindRover Beta Shots

August 14th, 2000 by Crusader

As mentioned earlier, I’ve taken the liberty of posting a few screenshots from Loki’s Linux port of MindRover: The Europa Project, which is currently in beta-testing. MindRoveris a title which involves “wiring” AI-driven roverbots to complete various tasks (combat,racing, etc.); the screenshots depict the various planning stages and some actualgameplay.

MindRover Beta Shots

MindRover in Beta

August 12th, 2000 by Crusader

Cognitoy’s AI-based puzzle gameMindRover(being ported by Loki) has entered beta-testing.Screenshot support won’t be implemented until the next beta build (Windows screenshots, which are for the most part identical to those which would be taken in Linux, can be found here), butin the meantime you can sample the basic gameplay in a Java-based mini-MindRover game(note that MindRover itself is not a Java application, but a 3D OpenGL-based title) whichincludes challenges similar to MindRover’s tutorial puzzles. Thanks to akawaka for pointing thisout.

Mindrover Beta Testers Needed

July 26th, 2000 by Crusader

Cognitoy updated their site last week to request aid in beta-testing the Linux version of Mindrover, a 3D AI puzzle game. Mindrover is being ported to Linux by Loki Entertainment Software; thanks to Stephane de Broche des Combes for the news.

MindRover Port From Loki

June 20th, 2000 by Crusader

Pretty self-explanatory… programmable robots + strategic conflict:


For Immediate Release

Loki and CogniToy Partner to bring MindRover to Linux

Tustin, CA. — June 20, 2000 — Loki Software, Inc. today announces anagreement with CogniToy to bring the highly-acclaimed MindRover: TheEuropa Project to Linux gamers by early fall 2000.

MindRover is an ingenious 3D strategy/programming game that enablesplayers to create autonomous robotic vehicles and compete them in races,battles and sports. Starting with an empty vehicle, gamers add componentssuch as sensors, weapons and engines. Players wire the componentstogether and set their properties using an innovative visual programmingsystem before entering the vehicles in the 3D competitions. Gamers mayalso share their custom robots over email or through website competitions.

Our customers have proven their mettle in other games with fast reflexesand great aim,” said Scott Draeker, president of Loki. “We are nowextremely pleased to present a new challenge. Their creativity andproblem-solving skills will be called to task in this unique andaddictive game.”

About CogniToy

CogniToy was formed in 1997. They are a privately financed independentdeveloper/publisher of “intelligent toys for intelligent minds”.’MindRover: The Europa Project” is their first product, currentlyavailable on Win95/98/NT. For more information visit

About Loki Software, Inc.

Founded in 1998, CA, Loki works with leading game publishers anddevelopers to port their best-selling PC and Macintosh titles to Linux.Loki meets a pent-up need in the Linux community by providingfully-supported, shrink-wrapped games for sale through traditional retailchannels. Other titles from Loki include Quake III Arena, Civilization:Call to Power and Railroad Tycoon II. For more information visit

Kohan and Halls of Valhalla Gold; Shipping Dates

August 3rd, 2001 by Crusader

Loki Software updatedtheir site this week to announce the shipping dates forKohan: Immortal Sovereigns,a fantasy-based real-time tactics and strategy game, andRune: Halls of Valhalla, thestand-alone (!) multiplayer expansion pack for the Viking-inspired melee action gameRune. Both titles will begin shipping to customers on Wednesday, August 15th.

Furthermore, Loki’s Demo CD has been added to theironline store, which you canpick up for $5.00 US.

Finally, theMindRover/Rune bundle deal is ending today, so be sure toorder ASAP before the price returns to normal. Thanks to the many people who wrote in with this news.