Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns Preview @ AVault

March 9th, 2001 by Crusader

The Adrenaline Vault has composed a newpreviewof TimeGate Studios’ fantasy RTSKohan: Immortal Sovereigns;the article runs through the game’s features and includes a few screenshots.

Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns Shots

January 19th, 2001 by Crusader

The Cobalt newshound noted thatGamespot posted ninescreenshots fromthe upcoming fantasy RTS Kohan, which is beingported to Linux by Loki. In addition, theofficial Kohan site has nine new shots of their own.

TransGaming Announces Partnership with Timegate

August 19th, 2002 by Judecca

TransGaming have updated their site with a partnership announcement. The partnership is with with TimeGate Studios, to release the Kohan series for Linux. This was posted a few months back originally, now is the official announcement. This includes Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, K:IS Special Awards Edition, and Kohan: Arhiman’s Gift.

These products are available for download only, from the TransGaming Web Store, and use TransGaming’s WineX.

Here is the official press release

Since the TransGaming Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns is version 1.3.4, it will not be compatible for online play with Loki’s source port of Kohan, which is version 1.3.1.

Transgaming to Publish WineX-Based Kohan Series

June 18th, 2002 by Crusader

Andrew Henderson sent in the following article:

Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, Kohan: Ahriman’s Gift, and the Special AwardsEdition of Kohan will be published/maintained for the Linux platform byTransgaming. Timegate Studios (the developers of Kohan) announced this intheir June 2002 newsletter (which can be seen in HTML format at Also, a quick oneliner about this deal, as well as an image of the Kohan box, has appearedon the front page of the Transgaming web site.

As it stands now, Timegate is planning on having Transgaming make theLinux ports of these games dependant upon Transgaming’s WineX and Winelibtechnologies. This seemed rather odd to me, since there is a perfectlyspiffy Linux-native codebase for Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns that Lokideveloped. So, before I jumped to any conclusions, I e-mailed thebusiness manager of Timegate Studios in order to get some clarification onthe situation.

It was explained to me that the nature of the contract between TimegateStudios and Loki may not allow the Linux native codebase of Kohan torevert to Timegate after Loki’s bankruptcy. Before anyone jumps up andsays that the other Loki codebases has reverted back to the originators ofthe Win32 codebases, please remember that each contract was negotiated ona case-by-case basis and that the contracts were typically negotiated withpublishers, not with the studios themselves. The contract negotiated forKohan was between Loki and Timegate Studios directly, not through apublisher. Therefore, Loki could have possibly slipped in a clause or twothat states the Timegate would not receive the rights of the Linuxcodebase.

When faced with the prospect of porting Kohan to native Linux from theWin32 codebase AGAIN, I see why Transgaming would take the faster,non-native route. It’s also an opportunity for Transgaming to showcasetheir technology. At the very least, Kohan will once again be on theshelves and available for sale with Transgaming publishing the Kohantitles.

The only problem I see is that the lower-level routines in Kohanthat are pertaining to blitting and floating point asm calculations werehand-ported in order to maintain cross-platform network compatibility andoverall game speed. A blanket Winelib port would be a little on the slowside unless all that asm is ported once again. We’re talking about 20,000to 25,000 lines of asm, some of it self-modifying, plus some asm-levelmodifications to control the floating point control word. These are nottrivial things to implement and hand-tune.

As an aside, I’d be interested to see how Transgaming’s Winelib version ofKohan will do against the native port of Kohan that Loki created. Thebenchmarks of the two should be interesting to compare.

As to my own opinion on this issue, I’m torn. I’m glad to see TimeGate still interested and actively trying to support the Linux platform, but I’m saddened to see people who purchased the native Linux version of K:IS developed by Loki seemingly left in the lurch if they want to be able to play version 1.3.4. Moreover, it seems to violate TransGaming’s earlier promise not to impact existing native ports.

Kohan 1.3.1

December 15th, 2001 by Crusader

Loki Software has released version 1.3.1 ofKohan: Immortal Sovereigns, the critically-acclaimedfantasy RTS. Changes:

  • adds a Royalist only upgrade to the market, the Workshop
  • improves several component upgrades
  • improves several heroes
  • increases the power of the militia
  • tweaks the Shadow Demon, Dragoon, Elite Bowman and Gauri Hammer
  • tweaks how experience is gained
  • improves the AI player, particularly how it commisions companiesand builds components
  • improves the game play of the Gnomes and Conquer game types
  • adds hotkeys to toggle between Command/Engage (‘D’ and ‘F’)
  • adds several features to multiplayer team games

Also, note that films made in previous versions of Kohan will no longer work, andthere are Win32 <--> Linux network play issues that will prevent synchronized games (thiswill be addressed in the next patch).

You can patch your copy with Loki Update.

QliTech-Loki Reminder; Kohan Plug

December 10th, 2001 by Crusader

Just a note: You have until December 12th to take advantage of QliTech’s specialoffer: If you purchase a multimedia system, you’ll receive a copy ofKohan: Immortal Sovereigns free.

Speaking of Kohan,Gamespot’s executive editor mentioned itin his Gamespotting columnas one of this year’s most surprisingly fun games:

Kohan’s nondescript red box and awkward title shroud what’s easily one of the year’s most well-designed real-time strategy games. Not since 1997 have there been quite so many real-time strategy games in a single year–but Kohan showed most of them up with its brilliant focus on combat between companies of units, rather than just individual units. The game takes micromanagement out of your hands, letting you focus squarely on strategy. It’s pretty surprising that it’s taken a developer this long to figure out a system like Kohan’s. But that just goes to show how impressive Kohan really is.

Serious Sam, being ported to Linux by Ryan “icculus” Gordon, is also mentioned.

Loki Holiday Info and Deals

November 30th, 2001 by Alkini

Kayt Sorhaindo from Loki wrote in to announce the following items for this holiday season:

  • Place your orders on the Loki webstore by December 7 to ensure arrival by Christmas.
  • Act now and get the Rune/Halls of Valhalla bundle for the special price $49.95.
  • Buy Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2, and blow your mind with its immersive storyline and 3D special effects. This dimension-altering title has the low SRP of only $29.95.
  • For a limited time only, make any purchase from our webstore, and we’ll offer the following items to you at these special prices:
    • The official Loki Demo CD for only 99 cents!
    • The Learning Debian GNU/Linux book with CD for only $9.99. This book retails elsewhere on the net for $34.95!
    • Eric’s Ultimate Solitaire for only $9.99. This classic title runs not just on Pentium systems, but PPC, Alpha and even Sparc!
  • Purchase a multimedia system from QliTech by December 12 and receive a free copy of Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns. Kohan is the extremely well-received real-time strategy and fantasy game for Linux. Visit the QliTech website at for details on this promotion. [ Or take a look at our previous news item. -Al ]

PR: QliTech Bundles Kohan with Multimedia Systems

November 30th, 2001 by Alkini

Ray Sanders from QliTech wrote in with this press release:

Moline, Illinois – November 30, 2001 – QliTech Linux Computers is proudto announce it will include a complimentary copy of the popular LokiSoftware title “Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns” with every multimedia systemand laptop purchase between now and December 12, 2001.

Kohan, developed by the entertainment wizards at Timegate Studios, is areal-time strategy and fantasy game, and has received much praise forits many dynamic features including an intriguing storyline, a uniquecompany-based combat system and classic military concepts. For moreinformation about this exciting title, visit

Kohan 1.2.0

October 25th, 2001 by Crusader

Loki Software has released version 1.2.0 ofKohan: Immortal Sovereigns, the fantasy RTS withcompany-level tactical control(shots). Changes include:

  • adds features to the lobby chat/server browser, such as automatic AFK and additional filters
  • adds an elapsed time display in-game
  • adds logic to deal with abuse of clumping
  • adds a significant amount of information to observer mode
  • WARNING: films made in previous versions of Kohan will no longer work

You can grab a demo of Kohan via Loki’s Demo Launcher.

The patch is available via Loki Update.

Kohan Dev Interview

September 5th, 2001 by Crusader

The HomeLan Fedinterviewed Adel Chaveleh ofTimeGate Studios abouttheir fantasy RTS Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns,which Loki recently shipped for Linux.The interview discusses how Kohan was received by critics and players, and what will be in the new stand-aloneexpansion pack Kohan: Ahriman’s Gift (I don’t know if/how this will be playable on Linux yet). Thanksto mindgrid for the news.

PR on Kohan Shipping

August 29th, 2001 by Alkini

Loki sent out the following press release regarding the shipping and availability of Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns:

Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns Now Available for Linux

TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA – TimeGate Studios, Inc. and Loki Software, Inc. announce that the hit fantasy and strategy game, Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, shipped for the Linux platform on Saturday, August 25.

The two companies partnered to expand the existing line of notable titles available to those operating on the Linux platform. Adding Kohan to the line of commercially available games for Linux is a milestone in computer gaming, as it is the first to be included from the immensely popular real-time strategy genre.

The game has received much praise for many of its dynamic features such as:

* An intriguing storyline that emphasizes discovering the history of the Kohan
* Unique company-based combat system, that allows players to build companies from the ground up, mixing and matching over 40 different units to create thousands of combinations
* Classic military concepts, such as morale, supply, terrain, formation, and more that affect how each company responds
* Unique, simple to manage upkeep-based economic system that takes the micromanagement out of RTS economics.

Kohan has an MSRP of $49.95 (USD) and is now available for order from the Loki webstore at A listing of resellers can also be found at

Linux gamers are welcome to sample Kohan by downloading the free demo at

For more information about Kohan, please log onto the official site

Kohan & Halls of Valhalla

August 27th, 2001 by Crusader

A reminder: The fantasy RTSKohan: Immortal Sovereignsand the Rune multiplayer expansion pack(which does not require Rune)Halls of Valhalla were scheduled to beginshipping last Friday, August 24th, to customers andresellers. You can, of course,still order your copies directly fromLoki.

UPDATE: Loki’s Dan Olson let us know that unlike the Win32 version, the Linux version of HoV does require Rune. I apologize for any confusion.

Kohan and Rune Expansion Friday

August 20th, 2001 by Crusader

Loki Software has announced the shipping datefor Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns (a fantasy RTS)and Rune: Halls of Valhalla (a multiplayer expansionpack for Rune that can be purchased and playedon its own):

KOHAN and HALLS OF VALHALLA will ship to our resellers and to ourLoki store preorder customers on Friday, August 24.

This delay has nothing to do with our recent reorganization. Rather,to improve our business we have selected a new replication house.This supplier will be working over the weekend to ensure we meet ournew release date.

We thank everyone for their continued interest and the outpouring ofcommunity support. Your well wishes and orders have been extremelymotivating to our team during this difficult period.

Kohan Next Week

August 17th, 2001 by Crusader

Dr.Dubious DDQ fired in the following

Yesterday I sent a message asking about Kohan, as Ihadn’t seen any “Kohan is now available” press releases.

I was afraid it wouldn’t be out at all any time soon, but it’s supposed to beout next week instead.

I quote:
“Sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news. The release of Kohan isdelayed until next week.”

Oh, well, I suppose I can handle one more week. The reply message alsoreiterated that they are naturally still accepting pre-orders for shipmentas soon as it’s available next week.

You can still download the Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns demo in the meantime.

Kohan Demo PR

August 10th, 2001 by Alkini

Loki sent in the following press release regarding a demo of their recently released port of Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns:

Immortals Can Now Wear Tuxedos Too!

August 10, 2001

TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA – TimeGate Studios, Inc. and Loki Software, Inc. are excited to announce that the demo for Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns on the Linux platform is now available for free download at !

Kohan has been extremely well received by the gaming community as a whole. With multiple awards and achievements, the game is being recognized for such features as its captivating storyline, unique company-based combat system, classic military concepts, and the elimination of economy micromanagement found in other real-time fantasy strategy games. For more information, please visit the official game site at

The full retail version of Kohan for Linux will be available in the very near future. Watch for the release date announcement from TimeGate and Loki soon. In the meantime, pre-orders can be placed from the Loki webstore at

Kohan and Halls of Valhalla Gold; Shipping Dates

August 3rd, 2001 by Crusader

Loki Software updatedtheir site this week to announce the shipping dates forKohan: Immortal Sovereigns,a fantasy-based real-time tactics and strategy game, andRune: Halls of Valhalla, thestand-alone (!) multiplayer expansion pack for the Viking-inspired melee action gameRune. Both titles will begin shipping to customers on Wednesday, August 15th.

Furthermore, Loki’s Demo CD has been added to theironline store, which you canpick up for $5.00 US.

Finally, theMindRover/Rune bundle deal is ending today, so be sure toorder ASAP before the price returns to normal. Thanks to the many people who wrote in with this news.

Kohan Beta

June 21st, 2001 by Crusader

As noted on the official Kohan: Immortal Sovereignssite, Loki’s Linuxport of the fantasy RTSis now in beta testing. Thanks toPhilip Long for the news.

Kohan Interviews

May 9th, 2001 by Crusader

TimeGate Studios’ Steve Hemmesch wasinterviewed at two sites recently regarding the fantasy real-time strategy gameKohan: Immortal Sovereigns, which is being portedto Linux by Loki Software:

Kohan Interview

April 18th, 2001 by Crusader

The official Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns site updated to note thatAdel Chaveleh and Steve Hemmesch ofTimeGate Studios wereinterviewsat the Stratos Group about their recently completedfantasy RTS, which is being port toLinux byLoki Software.


March 15th, 2001 by Crusader