Bunnies @ Tux Games

July 16th, 2001 by Crusader

Michael Simmsof the online Linux game retailerTux Games sent in the following:

Tux Games is happy to announce the availability of Bunnies, thenew Linux arcade deathmatch game fromBlackHoleSun Software featuringcute cuddly bunnies killing each other in various brutal ways!

A demo of Bunnies can be found here.


June 24th, 2004 by Crusader

Catch-up time again!

  • Chris Goff let us know he’s written aguideto gaming on the Linux platform for Windows users interested in what’scurrently available. Distributions, video drivers, and commercial games are covered.
  • The developers ofA Tale in the Desert(screenshots),a MMORPG set in ancient Egypt, sent in word that their “end game” sequence offinale tests for player characters has begun, which will conclude the firsttelling of the game. You can sign up for beta phase of the second telling at Stratics Centralhere; apreviewis also up, which enumerates the improvements in the next version of thiscommunity-oriented game.
  • The developers ofJump ‘n Bump, a multiplayer 2Dplatformer, let us know that version 1.50 is now available. Changes:
    • AI controlled bunnies (pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4 during the game, makes computer controlling the respective bunny). AI is nothing from another world, but adds some fun, especially when playing with only another person
    • Two level selectors included, using kdialog (kde) and Xdialog (gtk)
    • Updated documentation
    • It’s now possible to control the 3rd bunny using mouse buttons (same way as in the DOS version)

    It can downloaded from here.

  • Recent game updates of note from
    • Stratagus 2.1pre1, a free RTSgameengine (download).A list of games which utilize this engine can be foundhere.
    • LBreakout2.5beta8, a game similar to the arcade classic Arkanoid(download).
    • AdvanceMAME 0.83.0, a MAME portwith support for arcade monitors (download).
    • Advanced Strategic Command 1.15.0, aturn-based strategy game project (download).
    • ETS 20040614, alogfile parser for Return to CastleWolfenstein: Enemy Territory (download).
    • GFSGL 0.90.1, a generalized gameinstaller/launcher (download).Dome Engine 0.2.8, anOpenGL-based 3D engine (download).

    The Linux Game Tome mentioned thesereleases recently:

    • Mtp Target 1.1.0, which involvesrolling penguins down a ramp at targets (download).
    • Exult 1.2, the project whichhas recreated the Ultima 7 game engine (download).
  • Wired Newsmentionedthat a team of 24 developers are working on the next major revision ofAmerica’s Army, the freefirst-person shooter developed and published by the Department of the Army.The article mentions that AA: Overmatch is being targeted for a March 2005release date.(thanks Slashdot).
  • Finally, the developers of Nexuiz, a deathmatch FPS project based on the open-sourced Quake 1 engine, let us know that they’ve released a video showcasing their efforts to celebrate Quake’s eighth anniversary.

Forthcoming: New Game from BlackHoleSun

May 14th, 2003 by Alkini

BlackHoleSun, makers of Krilo and Bunnies, have recently updated their Website for the first time since 2001 with a new look and anannouncemnt that they are working on a new game, Aftermath. There aren’t many details onwhat kind of game it will be, but the basic premise is that much of humanity has been obliterated and you, being one of the survivors, are to race to dominate the new planet. A beta tester application is available, but there’s nomention of when the test might begin.

Jump n Bump 1.35 released

August 11th, 2002 by Judecca

Gurkan Sengun sent in the following about a new version of Jump n Bump (Screenshot):

Jump n Bump is a funny multiplayer game about cute littlefluffy bunnies, which is both fun and addictive for thewhole family.

You can completely design your own levels, and sprites!There’s more than 250 levels already available.

Help is needed to fix a bug in -scaleup mode on ppc-typecpus where two pixels are swapped. Help is also neededto re-implement the old networking code.
Homepage and Levels
Windows Version